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Roy’s Home Sales is celebrating our 38th year of business. We are proud to be one of the longest continuously operating home dealers in the area owned by one man (Roger Roy) and one company since 1981. Throughout the years, Roy’s has continuously offered prospective homebuyers a wonderful selection of high-quality homes at fair prices.

Green, Sustainably
Built Modular Homes

Quality Workmanship
and Materials

Dedicated Customer Service
You Can Rely On

During our first few years in business, we offered single and multi-sectional homes; however, as manufacturing techniques were improved and perfected, the ability to produce much sturdier, premium-quality modular homes at an exceptional price became a reality. We then began offering these superior homes to our customers — and we never looked back. Since 2017, Roy’s Home Sales has been north central West Virginia’s preferred modular home dealer. As always, we remain committed to offering the highest quality homes at a price we are confident you will find fair.

The Secret to Our Success

At Roy’s Home Sales, we attribute our ongoing success to selling the highest quality houses from the nation’s most reputable builders at reasonable prices. We work with our customers to find the perfect home that fits the family’s new home budget. We carefully deliver and set the homes up properly and in a professional manner, and offer our personalized professional settle-in warranty service to correct any issues that may arise as our families use and enjoy the home throughout the entire first year. Our homes are quality built for a lifetime!

“If you know anyone for whom Roy’s have set a home, ask them about us. We work hard to make our homes just right before we hand you the keys”
– Janet Godwin

At Roy’s Home Sales, we are quite proud of the work we do and the houses we install for our valued customers. We believe that referrals from the folks we have set homes for over all of the past 38 years is proof of our commitment to quality.

About Modular Homes

Purchasing a true, quality modular home is a wise investment. Although pre-built homes typically cost less than a comparable site-built house, the value of a modular home appreciates through the years, just as any other house. Contrary to what some may think, an authentic modular home does not have red “HUD” stickers. These are NOT mobile homes. We carry only real homes that are constructed to meet or exceed the strictest rules, regulations, and housing codes in accordance with local, state, and federal law. By law, modular homes can be set on a basement foundation or perimeter weight bearing block crawlspace foundation, and will appreciate with time. The only significant difference between a modular and site-built home is that a modular home is efficiently pre-built in just days within a precise climate-controlled environment and then installed on-site instead of being exposed to precipitation, pollen, dirt, bird droppings, and other unhealthy contaminants while exposed outside during a construction period that can take months to years due to inclement weather and other factors. Modular homes are the smart choice.

The Roy’s Home Sales Difference

While it is true that today’s modular homes offer home buyers the option to obtain a great home at an excellent price, it is important to remember that not all modular homes are created equal. When you shop with us, you will find that our premium line of homes is unique in that the homes we offer are specifically constructed to withstand the brutal climate of northern West Virginia. These heavier and more sturdily-built units are more painstakingly insulated and constructed with solid lumber, possess heavier weight-bearing capacity, and offer many additional construction amenities and luxury features designed to maximize the performance and life of your home.

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Buy a Quality Home! The money you save on the purchase of the less expensive home you can find will soon be spent, and forgotten… but you will be reminded of the poor quality and workmanship of that home each day you live in it!

Visit Our Elkins, WV Lot

Roy’s Home Sales’ Elkins Lot opened for business in the winter of 1993. We have proudly assisted numerous individuals throughout north central West Virginia — and beyond — by helping them find the perfect new home for their families. For over 26 years, Joe and Janet Godwin, our dedicated sales and service staff members, have assisted customers who visit us from all over West Virginia including: Randolph, Barbour, Upshur, Lewis, Tucker, Grant, Hardy, Pendleton, and Pocahontas County, WV. With a combined total of over 46 years of home setting experience, you can rely on our dedicated team to help you find exactly what you need and want in your new home.

Come visit us at: Roy’s Home Sales, 2741 Harrison Avenue, Elkins, WV
Roy’s invites you to stop in today and look through our quality-built homes. Let Janet or Joe help you find the home of your dreams! You’ll be glad you did!

Roy’s Home Sales is a division of Roy’s Travel Trailers, Inc. of Harman, West Virginia