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Are you ready to get started planning for your new dream home? Whether purchasing your first home, upgrading, or downsizing, Roy’s Home Sales has the perfect home for you! We offer delivery and set up directly on your suburban community lot or secluded private lot in Franklin, Brandywine, or anywhere our delivery vehicles can travel in Pendleton County, West Virginia.

There are many things to consider when navigating the process of making your dream home a reality. No matter your source of inspiration or preferences, you can rest assured that all of our homes are energy conscience and built to withstand the harsh winters of West Virginia. They also adhere to clean and green standards for sustainability and health (including low VOCs and commitment to renewable building practices), and are built to last. We invite you to learn more about our homes and why we are certain we offer the highest quality new homes available at the best price and value in Pendleton County. Contact Roy’s Home Sales today: 304-636-9579

Why Modular? Durability, Less Waste & Short Build Time In Pendleton County, WV

There tends to be a lot of misconception about modular (pre-built) housing. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity for your family. Learn the facts! There are so many benefits to buying a modular home versus a site-built home, but here are a few that we think you should consider before making your decision on what type of home to purchase in Pendleton County, West Virginia.

Durability – To successfully withstand being shipped, delivered, and installed on your property, prefabricated modular homes are built to even higher standards for durability than site-built homes include significantly stronger reinforcements and higher quality materials designed to help protect their integrity during their trip to your destination and most of these materials are then left in place, so you can enjoy the added benefits of superior durability even after your home is installed.

Fast Construction – In the amount of time it takes to prepare your lot for a site-built home, your modular home will have already been built and ready for installation. Your prefabricated home is built indoors, so there will be no weather delays, water damage, and other contamination that is common to site-built homes.

Environmentally Friendly – Since each model home is built with precision according to an exact formula inside a secure facility, there is virtually no waste involved due to miscalculations, math errors, theft, damage, and vandalism.

2, 3, and 4 Bedroom Houses In Franklin & Brandywine, WV

Are you ready to purchase your dream home in Brandywine or Franklin, West Virginia? Roy’s Home Sales offers new 2, 3, and 4-bedroom homes ready for placement on your building lot right away! Contact Janet or Joe to learn how you can take advantage of one of the best values in the Pendleton County housing market today.

Think your dream home is out of reach? It’s not! Mortgage loans of up to 30 years are available, as well as comprehensive assistance throughout the entire home buying process. Many of our home buyers have expressed relief at finally being able to purchase their dream home – at a cost far less than anticipated. If you are interested in learning more, contact Joe or Janet at Roy’s Home Sales today. Call: 304-636-9579.